Moana from Disney in collaboration with Fortnite from Epic Games

March 22, 2024

Will the Future of Disney X Epic Games Partnership Be A Success?

The teaming up between Disney and Epic Games to develop a more powerful entertainment platform is under the test of time. The entertainment giant's investment of $1.5 billion on Epic Games is a big take. However, one must understand that Epic Games is among the 2017 Disney Accelerator companies helping build the "future of media and entertainment." This clearly states that the contribution has opened unprecedented access to Disney's leadership team, mentorship, and support.          

The fact that Epic Game's Unreal Engine technology contributes to theme park rides to Star Wars movies has tested their partnership. Developers from Disney utilize Unreal Engine not only for gaming platforms but also for cinematic production, visualization, design, and simulation. While the Disney Accelerator is turning Epic Games to newer heights, it's the company that's truly benefiting by capturing the market it failed to hold.

Disney Universe

The technology of Epic Games has been combined with cherished Disney tales to create a new universe that will provide players with various experiences, such as interacting with Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Avatar, and more.

Powered by Unreal Engine, users can create and share their own stories and participate in Disney-themed activities within the realm. With this exciting new collaboration with Epic Games, Disney's beloved properties and brands have joined forces with the hugely popular Fortnite to create an entirely new gaming and entertainment universe.

With significant opportunities for growth and development, this is Disney's most crucial gaming endeavor to date. We can't wait for fans to experience their favorite Disney stories and worlds in fresh, creative ways.

The Future of Entertainment

Marvel characters in collaboration with epic game characters
Disney X Epic Games

The latest addition is the Unreal Engine 5. It's revolutionizing the entertainment industry. Integration of high-quality computer-generated imagery (CGI) now enables fantastical creatures and mind-bending special effects. Some tools now empower artists and animators to craft stunning visuals. Besides, with seamless accessibility, content creation is smoother than before.

The fifth instalment of the Unreal Engine works magically for creators; moreover, the particular language, i.e., 'Blueprints', to create ideas. Imagine Disney now utilizing the digital sculptor to mould 3D environments and characters with super speed. While there have been other software like 'After Effects,' 'Premier Pro' and 'Maya,' the latest advancement from 'Unreal Engine' provides flexibility and options to create a more visionary imagination on the screen.

When it comes to visuals, Disney's latest production can integrate swift plan shots. This allows the production team to play around with the film's world before making the final filming decision. At Ikarus VR, what we believe is that the future of entertainment will unleash formidable prowess and boundless adaptability. The team of experts at Ikarus VR can help with innovative development in gaming and visualization.

Our developers can utilize the latest Unreal Engine 5 for real-time content and experiences. We're aligned to developing truly expansive worlds where players, participants, and stakeholders utilize the platform comprehensively.



The rapid technological development has opened seamless opportunities for more than half of announced next-generation games developed with Unreal Engine. This tool is growing in popularity among creators.

All of this suggests that anything Epic adds to the Unreal Engine may significantly influence the games we play, so the State of Unreal will draw a lot of attention.

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